Is Asana Helping or Hurting You?

Amanda Whitcroft
July 30, 2021
Why use a project manager tool to manage people who know what they’re doing?‍

Apps like Asana,, and Workzone have become very valuable and popular with project management, and for good reason. Internally, they allow you to keep track of your team, your progress, and your deadlines in a streamlined way. As a CEO or Founder, these apps make sense, because you can collaborate with your team in an efficient way. Internally. When a company brings in outside vendors and expects them to use their company’s project management software, it becomes a problem. It develops into management being micromanaged, demonstrating lack of trust in the people hired. Why would one contract an outside vendor if they are wary of their time management skills? What is the point of vetting, SOW’s, weekly check-ins, even credentials if there is no trust?

It also causes other problems. For example, it could put timeline pressure on external vendors to meet a very specific deadline that is contingent on many variables, some out of their control. It asks for double the work, because not only is the contracted vendor working within their own company, they are now having to also echo this same report in their client’s Asana as well. It calls reputation and portfolios into question and ruins business relationships. Internally designed apps lose their effectiveness when applied to external purposes. Google Drive, Dropbox, even email are great alternatives if information needs to be shared. Companies thrive when allowed to operate using their proven successful methods. Why use a project manager tool to manage people who know what they’re doing?

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